5 Ways To Handle Your Emotions.

March 18, 2016 Syz 6 Comments

Assamualaikum. Yesssss, I'm alive. Honestly I didn't post anything for a while now not because I was busy or anything, I just had a lack of motivation to open up my laptop and write things out. I thought of things to write and since I've been put in a situation where my emotions can get out of hand if not handled properly, I decided to give some tips (?) on how to handle your emotions. 

1. Stop pitying yourself. When your emotions are at its peak, where you feel like nothing's going right, you tend to start pitying yourself the most, you'd picture yourself as a victim of the most saddest drama. Stop. Just stop. This will bring you no where. It won't change anything and it'll just magnify your problems. 

"Why can't I be like so-so" "Why am I like this" "Why can't I do anything right" "Why did this happen to me" "Where am I going with life" "Why am I not good enough"

Stop. Throw all these useless thoughts. No one expects you to be "good enough", so what if they are. The one you want to please is Allah swt, the one who created you. Be good to the people not because you want them to recognize the good person that you are, be kind to others because Allah swt loves those who have good manners and treat others kindly. Only then will you be content, because you know that Allah swt will appreciate every single goodness that you do, no matter how little it was, because He knows how hard it was for you.

2. Get rid of all the useless negative feelings. Whatever feeling it is, if it's negative, it gotta go. There are many ways to get rid of it, since you can't simply forget it or throw it out.

- If you live on a mountain, you can try screaming your heart out.

- Pour out your heart on a piece of paper by writing it all down, then either rip it out or burn the paper.

- Do Istighfar... a lot.

- If you're struggling with jealousy, best thing to do is to wish good for the person you are jealous of. 

- Sometimes, negative feelings come from the negative people that we surround ourselves with. You can't obviously just get rid of people, but try keeping a distance from those who make you feel pessimistic. 

3. Treat yourself. Sometimes all we need when we're upset is just simple things that can lighten up our mood, for example: buy yourself an ice cream, or watch some cat videos. Don't expect others to know how you feel and start pampering you, you'll only feel frustrated when they don't react the way you want them to. So, you pamper yourself instead. Stop focusing on how others can make you happy, you can make yourself happy.

4. Remind yourself of the blessings that you have. Whenever we're upset/angry/sad, we have a habit of complaining (some express it and some don't). But the more we suppress it, the more irritable we become. A good idea is to list all of the things that you are thankful of, be it something big or small. For example:

Having food in the fridge.
A roof above my head.
Clothes to wear.
A phone.

                                                       ..... etc. 
This will change your way of thinking and instead of feeling empty, you'll realize that you actually have plenty. Remember, a person could be struggling immensely just to get what you have.

5. Cry it out. Sometimes, when other methods don't work, it's best to just cry out all the emotions that you've been holding. There's a limit to it though, throwing stuff/beat other people/screaming-wailing like it's the end of the world are definitely a no-no. Just simply let all the emotions turn into tears and feel them fall, as the tears evaporate into thin air, all the things you've been holding in disappears. 


  1. nice sharing. what i always do is ; treat my self. (eat lot of food and get sleep at the whole day at weekend kahkahkahkah) what a nice treat aite?

  2. tq so much for the tips.. :')

    singgah + follow sini.. ^^

    jemput join segmen shawal.. :)


  3. Nice sharing, good info. Thank for the tips :D

  4. After a long hiatus, I decided to check your blog and this is the first post I read (since I've been going through a lot lately) even though you're younger than me, I feel like you have more experiences. This is a very helpful post, thank you for posting this ^^