Air Terjun Kanching (Kanching Waterfalls), SELANGOR.

January 30, 2017 Syz 9 Comments

Assalamualaikum and hello, I am back with a new post! Wow, I don't think I've posted this much in so long, and by this much I mean 3 posts in a month haha. Before you read any further, just a warning that I'll be spamming you guys with pictures and a traumatizing story ~

So a few months back, I think it was in November last year, a friend of mine suggested to go hiking while we were having lunch at KFC, and so we planned it right there and then, to go hiking on the next weekend. We actually didn't mind going on that day itself, but we weren't dressed up for it, and I'm so glad we didn't cause there is no way I'm climbing up flight of steep stairs and running away from sandwich-thirsty animals in a dress. We moved out around noon, if I'm not mistaken it was on a Friday, it was just 4 of us girls, all packed with water, sandwiches and some mee sedap noodles. We planned to hike a bit when we arrive and then find a place to settle to have our lunch. Things didn't actually go according to plan.... We parked the car and paid the entry fees, I don't remember how much it was but it was less than RM 20 for all 4 of us including the car. The place was called Air Terjun Kanching a.k.a Kanching Waterfalls, and the first thing we saw were monkeys. They were everywhere, up on the trees, on the pavements, down on the grass by the side, just everywhere. It's been a long time since I saw actual monkeys, especially them being all free and not behind bars. It was interesting, to be honest, I was a tiny bit scared but I shook off the feeling and was like "meh, they're harmless". And so we head on paths that were already made, it was pretty simple, just follow the path and we'll get to the first waterfall eventually, you could say there were 7 levels of waterfall and we were set to get at least to the 4th level (or more). On the way to the 1st level, after climbing up some flight of stairs, we couldn't take it anymore and decided to find a place to sit and eat and basically regain back our energy. We also realized we were all not fit enough and that we lack exercise, why am I not surprised haha. But we were definitely not giving up. Right, so this is the traumatizing part, after taking some pictures at a miniature waterfall, we found a small gazebo nearby, so that was to be our picnic spot. We casually took out containers packed with our food out of our backpacks, and just then we noticed around 3-4 monkeys looking right at us from afar, they were slowly making their way towards us, yupe. They could smell the food. And before we could even think of anything we saw a whole group of monkeys coming towards us, they were running. I definitely got the zombie apocalypse vibe, I panicked and we all tried to squeeze back the containers into our backpacks as fast as we could before we got circled by them. We managed to get all of the containers in the bags, except for one... My friend couldn't get it inside fast enough so she hid it under her long scarf, I reckon the monkeys could smell that container filled with eggs & sausages sandwiches. I was right beside her, opening her backpack as wide as possible, the plan was to slowly get the container in without them noticing. BUT as soon as she take out the thing from underneath her scarf, a monkey jumped and slapped her hand, the container fell and that's when all the screaming started, me and my friend (the one that got her hand slapped) were wailing non-stop while the other 2 just held hands and watched, horrified at a group of monkeys that cleverly opened the container cover and ate all the sandwiches in one gulp while endless screaming were playing on the background. One even licked the container. Devastated at the death of our sandwiches, we headed back to the car with empty stomachs and made sure no monkeys were following. We decided to just have our lunch inside the car, which was what we should've done in the first place. So that's the end to my traumatizing story, I don't think I can ever look at a monkey in the eye anymore, nor can I find them cute. I don't actually hate them, but I am certainly terrified to see one now. After that, we headed up again, full of energy and determination, hmph as if bunch of monkeys can make us quit. We came all the way and there's no way we're going back without seeing a waterfall. We made sure to sanitized our hands and cover ourselves with perfume so that we don't smell like food, don't want any monkeys following us thinking we have any... Even after all the effort, a monkey screamed at me (well that's what I thought, turns out it was fighting with another monkey and I just so happen to be in the middle of them both), I ended up running to my friends who were all ahead of me, screaming and almost tripping... haha. Alhamdulillah, we got to the 3rd level and camped there, while I guarded the bags on the side, the rest took a dip in the waterfall pool. MashaAllah it was beautiful and the water was so clear and shallow. Other than the monkeys, the place was amazing and breathtaking, the green trees, rock benches and bridges, and clear waterfall. We took really nice pictures, but I still think it's not enough to describe the place, you'd have to go and see it for yourself... Although I don't recommend the place for those who are not a fan monkeys and are weak at heart haha, (by the way, not only did my friend got her hand slapped, but a monkey also took her beloved water bottle).

(comforting my friend after being attacked by monkeys, haha)

Before I end this post, I would just like to share some tips for those who are interested in going there:

1. EAT BEFORE YOU ENTER. Be it breakfast, brunch or lunch. Either eat before you come or have your food inside the car. Don't even bring any food in, not even a chocolate bar. Just don't. 

2. GO IN GROUPS. Alright, so it was pretty risky of us 4 to go by ourselves. So just an advice, go in groups. One, it's safer (if anything were to happen). Two, the more the merrier y'know.

3. DON'T LOOK AT A MONKEY IN THE EYE. Okay so this is important, like if there's a monkey staring at you, just walk ahead, don't look at it, don't smile at it, just. walk. away. and pray it doesn't follow you.

4. WEAR THE RIGHT ATTIRE. Wear something comfortable, and make sure to bring extra clothes, and a towel. And definitely comfortable sport shoes, because there'll be lots of walking, sliding and climbing. Oh, please avoid wearing white shoes, mine was black and white and I had to bleach my shoes just to get rid of the dirt, it was horrible. 

5. DON'T PANIC. If a monkey happens to screech at you, just relax because highly likely it wasn't towards you, you could be in the middle of a monkey brawl. You might trip and hit your head if you run.

6. ENJOY YOURSELF. Take your time there, go in the morning and come back in the evening. Take lots of pictures, calm yourself with all the greenery and enjoy dipping your feet in the pool. 

Alright, that's all for this post, thanks for reading and hope you have a good day!


  1. First time dengar pasal kanching waterfall ni

    1. Haaa tempat nie dekat ngan rawang ngn KL.. Besttt, cantik lagi tu.. cuma kera tu je lah yg scary sikit xD

  2. Wow! Bestnyaaa!!! Tapi part kera tu... Alahaaiiii, lembik lutut dibuatnya! :'D

  3. woaahhh.cantik gila gambar. lagi2 part monyet tu pegang anak dia.

    btw, haha. masa part comforting your friend tu kan, teringat pulak kita kat langkawi pun pernah kena monyet nak amik air botol dari beg.apa lagi larii kot masa tu terus campak botol tu bagi monyet monyet tu minum.haha:)

    1. hahahahahaha, sedekah je lah kat monyet2 tu kan :')

  4. Bestnyaaaa! Lama sangat tak pergi air terjun dan tak pernah ke sini juga.. hehe.

    Bab monyet tue, alahai, takutnya.. pernah pergi air terjun mana entah, adalah monyet gak. Jenuhlah tak boleh makan sebab dorang boleh datang ramai2. Pantang nampak makanan. Air kakak ipar terus kena rembat. Haha. Kesian betul dia tapi dalam masa yang sama comel pulak rasa monyet tu sedut air guna straw. Hehe.

  5. ehhh2 ada gambar saya lah kat dalam ni.. ;)

  6. Hi, i was searching internet for waterfall near KL and stumbled upon this post. I actually laughed when reading your encounter with the monkeys. What an unforgettable experience :D