Dinner @ MK Classico, SARAWAK.

January 14, 2017 Syz 4 Comments


Goodness gracious, it feels so weird writing again after a long period of time. How long has it been? Around 5 months maybe? Been so occupied with life and what not that I just got lazy in keeping up with my blog. Anyways a lot, A LOT has changed, I've started my studies and it's a whole new journey all together. Been experiencing all sorts of  things (hope I get to share most of them in the blog soon, gee I'm excited), basically I'm a foreigner living in my own country. Even though it's where I'm from, everything's all new and different, so much to explore and it's definitely a whole new different environment. Alhamdulillah I'm enjoying all the new adventures and forever grateful that I have a friend by my side this whole time (plus all the new friends I've met along the way, shoutouts to all of you haha).

During my 1 week break, I got the chance to visit my grandma over in Kuching, Sarawak. Aside from babysitting my lovely baby cousins (may I remind you how lovely they are) I had the chance to spend some time with my relatives, like going to a tumblr-looking place for dinner with my aunt and my uncle in-law (along with my older brother). The place, called MK Classico was a really reallyyyy neat place. It was my first time eating there and boyyy was I not disappointed. The portions were hugeee and of course the food were delicious. The pricing are around RM 11-20, in my opinion the prices are worth it since you're paying for a plate (or a wooden tray) full of yummy goodness.

I really love the interior of the place, it was filled with vintage furniture, pictures and the things were perfectly placed at odd spots. It was a two-floored cafe and the first thing you need to do when you enter is to have a look at the menu, order what you want and pay. Next, either find a spot to sit or head upstairs (like we did) where you have more places to sit.

The first thing that arrived were our drinks, which was iced white chocolate, watermelon juice, raspberry soda and (if I'm not mistaken) iced mocha. Next were some of our food, which were Fettuccine Carbonara, MK Special Burger and Mushroom Burger.

A close up of the mouth-watering MK Special Burger... Aside from the juicy beef patty, there's a piece of lettuce, beef bacon, cheese and sunny side egg stacked between 2 butter-toasted buns. Plus a side of onion rings, fries and sweet potato fries.

Next came the Red Velvet Pancake covered in blueberry sauce and the Shawarma, which also had fries on the side.

My brother had a hard time eating his burger, even after cutting it in half he still couldn't fit it into his mouth haha. My burger, the Mushroom Burger on the other hand, although it was delicious, there was nothing special about it. My aunt had looked forward to the waffle & ice cream, but unfortunately it was not available, she has had them before and recommends them. I do hope I get to try them the next time I visit In Sha Allah. Overall it was a stomach-filling experience and even though it was raining outside the cafe was very warm and comfy.

Alright, that's all for this post! Since I'm currently on my 1 month break, I'm planning on using most of my free time to get some posts up... till then, Assalamualaikum!


  1. That place looks super comfy for a little hang out.. XD

    1. Definitely the perfect place for lepak-ing! haha

  2. the onion rings look so tempting omg ;-; welcome back btw!

    1. It tasted as good as it looks T-T and thank you!