June 26, 2015 Syz 0 Comments

Assalamualaikum (peace be upon you),

hi there, wassupppp! Hope you are reading this in good health and high spirits. As we all know, it is finally summer! aka 2/3 month of nothing to do. I've been procrastinating for the past few weeks since summer vacation started and it got to the point where I would just laze around for 2-4 hours watching youtube videos etc. I can't help it (admit it you're guilty of this too). But it's frustrating, because I know that I'll be regretting this by the end of summer, pshhh I'm already regretting it right now. So, I have decided to start.... a blog! Okay, to be honest my life isn't all that interesting. But like any other normal human being, I do have things that are probably worth sharing, so why not right? I'm actually quite excited, I hope by doing this I'd be motivated to do productive things and achieve whatever that needs to be achieved this year.

Now for a quick intro to what this blog will consist of,

  • Places I've visited
  • OOTW (outfit of the week)
  • Food
  • anything really
 I have all kinds of things in mind at the moment, and currently putting it into plan. So bear with me and stay tuned!