DIY Galaxy Print Phone Cover.

July 01, 2015 Syz 15 Comments

Assalamualaikum, how are you? Good? Meh, not so good? Well I hope your day will just keep getting better and better, so keep smiling okay! As for me, life have been alright, I've got a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in, there's nothing to complain about really. I managed to occupied myself with painting lately, although seems like the only thing I can paint are galaxy prints (does that count as painting?). I've been wanting to make a new cover for my phone but I've been procrastinating. Usually I would just look up patterns, print them out on hard papers and cut them out.

These are some of the ones that I've printed.

Unfortunately, my dad won't let me use the printer anymore, because I used it wayy too much and I end up wasting inks.... oops. Anyways, that just means I need to make the pattern the old fashion way- by hand. Since this seemed like the perfect opportunity for a blog post, I overcame my laziness for a day and made myself a neat looking phone cover woot ~

The things you'll need:
- Transparent phone cover.
- Paint, preferably acrylic (you'll be using black, white, red, blue and yellow).
- Hard paper.
- Toothbrush.
- Paintbrush (to mix the paint).
- Cut-out sponges (I used around 4-5).

What you need to do first is to trace the outline of your cover on the piece of hard paper.

Next, paint it black (if you have a black piece of paper, you can pretty much skip this step and use that). 

Once the black paint has dried, mix in the red and blue paint to make the colour purple. If the results's too dark, add white paint and mix.

Then use one of your cut-out sponges and dip it into your purple mixture and start painting! All you really need to do is slightly dab the paint like so,

*make sure to leave some space for the other colours. 

For the next colour, mix in white paint into your purple mixture to get a lighter colour. Then repeat the painting/dabbing process.

After that, mix the blue and white paint, and dab that into your masterpiece.

What I like to do next is to slightly smudge the colours here and there, to create what I like to call "a swirly effect".

Next, dab in the yellow paint. Tip: the darker the yellow, the nicer it'll turn out.

Tip: if you make the mistake of putting too much paint, you can always fix it by painting over it with a black paint.

You should end up with something like this (or better) after all that dabbing (eyyy).

Now for the most important and significant step of all, it's time to add stars! It's super duper simple, using a toothbrush, spray the white paint by brushing the brushes back and forth with your finger.

Tip: the more stars you spray, the more out of space it'll look.
Another tip: try dabbing the white paint and smudge it with the toothbrush, like so

Anddddddddd you're done! All that's left to do is to let the paint dry, cut out the shape of the phone cover and insert it in your transparent case! 

Aight, hope you guys found this helpful and end up with some nice looking phone cover!


  1. Do it yourself.. Good job. :)

  2. cantiknya. saya beli je sbb tak pandai buat sendiri. lepas tu mmng asyik kena marah la >.<

    1. Hahaha >< Saya cuba buat sendiri sbb takde bnyak covers that I like y'know :<

  3. did you sell them? I think you should because your cases are cute x

    1. Aw thank you!! Ahahha nope xD Never tried selling them, but I'm willing to! Maybe in the future :) x

  4. This is so satisfying to see. Can you paint iPhone 8 cases and
    iPhone 8 covers online?