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Assalamualaikum (peace be upon you), I am fully aware of how I didn't post anything last week. And anything I say after this will just sound like an excuse, but I'm saying it anyway. One thing is finding an excuse to cover yourself, another is to clarify your situation and all (or maybe they both mean the same thing.... heh) Anyways, I've been busy with my online business and studying, been doing bunch of researches for both of them to be honest. A lot had happened too and let's just say Allah (سبحان الله) was testing my family and I. Honestly, this test was huge and we had never encounter this kind of situation before, although I am not going to share what it was (since it won't benefit anyone) but I am going to share the little things that I've learnt through it, for example how to react and how to keep your emotions in check during those times. 

First thing first, Alhamdulillah (All praise belongs to Allah).
The only one who kept me strong during tough times was Him, Him alone. I can testify with all my heart that when Allah (سبحان الله) tests you, He will never let you face it alone. If you open your eyes wide enough, you'll see the help He's giving you bit by bit to help you get through it without losing yourself. If only you have your utmost trust in him, if only you don't lose hope in His mercy.

And trust me, it's not easy to leave everything up to Him, sometimes you feel like you can handle it all alone, or that the problem will somehow disappear. Wrong. Nothing will change if you don't make the effort to fix the problem, it's the same if you don't have your utmost trust on Allah (سبحان الله). Effort + Tawakkul a'la Allah (trust on Allah), are the 2 things that you need to remember always. Whether you're going through a hard time or something as simple as studying for a test. You would always need to put an effort, but usually when we do put our wholehearted effort, things still don't go our way. That's when you leave it to your one and only Creator, He may have a better plan for you. He created you, don't you think He'll know what you want and what's better for you? 

I don't believe there's anyone who'll admit that they have never ever been through hard times. During these times, I'd like to think that Allah (سبحان الله) had specifically construct the test especially for me, and it would always be something that I can handle. For Allah (سبحان الله) will never test a person except their capacity.

Through tests and trials, a person is purified of their sins. We're not perfect, we sin and we make mistakes, therefore being patient during a time of difficulty is a perfect opportunity to expiate some of those sins.

Being patient means no complaining. 
Face it, you don't gain nor do you solve anything by complaining. Plus complaining is one of the sign of ungratefulness to Allah (سبحان الله). Whenever you feel like complaining, look around you. The fact that you have a place to sleep in, a roof above you and food to eat are enough of a reason for you to be grateful.

Another difficult thing is accepting the fact that sometimes the outcome and wisdom of the test could either be revealed straightaway or in the future, or will never be revealed at all. But we must move forward with a positive attitude and know, that Allah (سبحان الله) will never test you without a reason, and if you look hard enough you can see the hint of His wisdom here and there. After going through it, you'll realize it wasn't all that bad and that you had become stronger than you were before.

I think this was the longest post I've wrote (or type?) so far heh. Thank you for reading and I do hope this will help you in any way. If you're going through a hard time right now, don't worry. I'm going through one too, everyone is. But it's all Khair (good), so stay patient. I may not be the one to say this, but stay strong, you can do it.


  1. This blog post was amazing Allahuma Barik!! It was so beautifully written and important a reminder I hope you don't stop updating your blog...and find time in between. Even if it's just a small bit each month or something. ~

    Ps: missing you so much already, please update soon <3 hope you're well In'Sha'Allah + may Allah (swt) give us all the strength to keep going and to overcome the obstacles life presents us. Ameen ~

  2. Assalamualaikum,
    I love every picture on your blog huhu ..
    Keep it up