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Assalamualaikum (peace be upon you), I am back after a momentary hiatus. The reason why I haven't been keeping up with my blog was that I honestly had nothing to post, plus procrastination got a hold of me. Like who doesn't get caught up in procrastinating once in a while right? Although I am one who ends up regretting all of my delaying by the end of the week, it is never a good feeling. But yeah, I am back! And I've decided to start posting some of my thoughts on various topics that I come across. For example, today's topic: Overthinking.

Who here have never overthink before? I for one, am an overthinker. I tend to overthink the tiniest matter which result in me getting so stressed out over nothing really. What's worst is when you can't get a good night rest because of all the thoughts that you've pushed away during the day haunts you at night. Needless to say, overthinking ruins you. It clouds your mind and fill your head with thoughts that are unnecessary and unpleasant, plus it can lead to depression. As a Muslim, we're taught that the Shaitaan (Devil) is always trying to find ways to mess with us. One of the ways is to mess with our mind, and fill it with useless unpleasant thoughts.

Signs that you're overthinking:
* You're worried about something that hasn't happened yet.
* All your assumptions are negative.
* Restlessness.
* Panda eyes (because of the all nighter you end up pulling).
* Unfocused.

It took me some time to figure how to overcome this habit of thinking unwanted thoughts, though it may be hard, it is possible. 

1. As best as possible, occupy yourself. Either talk to someone, do some reading, bake, or anything really. You'll end up filling your mind with other things to think of. 

2. If you're already at a stage where negative thoughts are popping up, counter-attack it with some positive thoughts. It'll be hard, but you need to try fighting it. If thoughts like "I'm not good enough"  comes up, counter-attack it with "who says?". Remember, you are what you think of, so if you don't like the way you are, stop thinking of yourself that way.

3. Stop trying to predict your future. Face it, you don't know and there's no way of knowing what will happen. Just be happy with whatever you're blessed with right now, live in the present, not the past or  the future.

And know this, whatever you're going through, it can never more than what you can handle. 
Each individual have different things that they can and cannot handle, don't look at other people. They may look fine on the outside, but they have their fair share of struggle. This life was made in a way that no one will ever go through things that they cannot handle, this is our belief as a Muslim. 
"Allah SWT will never burden a soul except its capacity". 
Nowadays, whenever I find myself overthinking I start occupying my brain with these kind of thinking. It works most of the time and I'd find myself content with the way life is flowing.

There are probably more ways to deal with overthinking. But here were some that I, myself had tried. I guess by sharing this, I've made it an obligation for me to remember and to follow my own advice :) 
Thanks for reading! If you have some advice you would like to share regarding overthinking, don't ever hesitate to comment it down below, it could be super helpful not only to me but also others! 


  1. Betul. Saya selalu jugak overthinking. Tapi taklah sampai tak boleh tido XD

    1. Hahaha, bagus lah tu! Don't let it get to that stage xD

  2. overthinking kadang malem2 aku ngerasain, tapi waktu aku inget ada Allah, aku langsung berusaha menghilangkan rasa itu xD

  3. usually when I'm overthinking I will sleep. but depends, sometimes when you're awake you'll be either better or worse :S

  4. Thank u the reply~ Im sorry for leaving this comment here but i dont want to interrupt your cbox since people might think bad about you. Anyways, thank u for letting me to still use the template because I have no idea how to change it anymore and I am reall busy with school as I only have time to open up computer during the holiday. thank you again and i would like to apologize to for not telling you first, and of course, i will hit you up if i need any help, thanks again, have a wonderful days ahead!

    1. Aw that's so sweet of you! No worries, that template suits your blog so I'm happy :) So sorry to hear that, May Allah swt make it easy for you. It's okaaaaayy! You too sweetie <3

  5. for the reply* really busy* to apologize too* have wonderful days*